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Palm Desert Home Staging
Palm Desert Home Staging
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Simple & Humble Beginning

Home Staging 360 was created by two experienced home stagers and designers who wanted to bring their unique talents to Southern California home owners and realtors. We have assembled a courteous and professional team that brings home owner’s/seller’s dreams to life quickly. Our goal is to create the home you want, whether for daily living or for sale. We work with vacant or owner-occupied properties as well as redesign, and new home builders.

Home Staging Consultations
All projects begin with a consultation. In only two hours, you and your home will benefit from our professional, objective insight into your property. We will identify challenges and opportunities in areas including furniture, paint, room focal point, lighting, smells, all the way out to curb appeal. A Home Staging 360 project seeks to address buyer concerns before they become a problem. We want you to have the best atmosphere possible.
If your property is significantly larger than average, contact us to schedule a more detailed consultation.

Occupied Home Staging
Still living there? No problem! Our courteous team can work around your living and do our work room-by-room. We take your daily needs into consideration as we plan our schedules and clean-up each day. Let us know and your beautiful home staging project will be arranged accordingly.
If you would like us to work with your existing furnishings, we can do that. We will review each piece and see how it can be optimally positioned in the space. The end result is a beautiful property with proper room focal points, optimized lighting, and a sense of comfort.

Vacant or Partial Home Staging
Model or vacant properties are an empty canvas for us! (Even if they are currently filled with clutter.) Using our recommended designs will help your property sell much faster than a vacant home. We will create the most appealing environment to excite potential buyers.

Statistics show that home staging can cut the time properties spend on the market by nearly 75%. Investing in home staging is always wiser than your first price reduction.

Don’t allow dwindling market interest or unenthusiastic open house guests drive your price down. We offer professional property price protection.

Furniture Availability
Our home décor choices are almost limitless. We have warehouses of beautiful, warm, edgy, modern, and classic furniture ready for your property. All items are protected from the elements and maintained in excellent condition. Our home staging team will only bring the best pieces to your property.

Schedule and Estimate
Now you’re ready to make the smart choice. Schedule your free estimate today.

Happy Clients

Read what our happy clients are saying

Penny staged two of my homes for sell. She added color, energy and most importantly warmth to both homes and my first home. Sold in 7 days of being on the market, my second home sold within 4 days. I also use Penny to pick out décor for my home. I live in Chandler, AZ. She is amazing at making my home feel so inviting.


Tina Butte

I had so much furniture and was getting overwhelmed. Penny is a friend of mine and every time I went to her house, I always loved the way it flowed and felt so welcoming. I asked for her help and she was willing to come over to help me pull different furniture together and she found all the perfect accessories. She has great taste and works very well with people. Penny has a great decorating sense and a great heart. Thanks for all your help.


Rhenda Himel

Penny has staged one of our homes that we wanted to rent. She suggested plain colors and staging options. I had renters in two days after. Thanks for everything Penny.


Gladys Thom